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Year 11 Summer Exams Information


Year 11 Summer Exams information

As of 7th February, exam boards have now released the advance information for each subject. This is part of the range of adaptations made nationally to take account of the disruptions to learning across the country caused by the pandemic.

The release of information for each subject is intended to guide you in supporting your revision. Your subject teachers will go through this with you in the remaining part of your lesson time, but you are well advised to be familiar with it yourself.

If you have any queries, ask your class teacher in the first instance.

Please click here for links to the subject specific information.


The government has asked all schools to have a contingency plan in case the summer exams have to be cancelled. We have been asked to make clear to students what evidence would be used if exams were cancelled to determine your final grades. In the very unlikely situation that exams are cancelled, we will take into consideration your performance in mock exams, coursework (NEA) and other key assessments that would normally go towards your qualification grade. To be fair to you and reflect you hard work since your mock exams, most subjects will nominate a short assessment that aims to recognise your progress since your mock exams. Click on this link to access the schedule for the nominated assessment, sometimes called milestone assessments.