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Knights Templar

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Contact Us

Contact Us

Write to or visit us: The Knights Templar School, Park Street, Baldock, SG7 6DZ

Call us: 01462 620 700

Email us (for general enquiries): admin@kts.school  

Our Headteacher: Mr E Hutchings (head@kts.school)

Our Chair of Trustees: Mrs S Welch (swelch@kts.school)

Below you will find the contact details for specific members of staff, who have responsibility for different areas of school life.  Please click on the bars below to expand.

Senior Leadership Team

Please click on each person to find out further details about areas of responsibility and their contact details.

Child Protection, Safeguarding and Student Wellbeing

Special Educational Needs Coordinator

Year Leaders and Sixth Form Leadership

Subject Leaders

Below you will find a list of our subject leaders, who lead on the curriculum and teaching and learning in each of their respective subjects.  The colleagues highlighted in bold are head of faculty, which means that they lead either a large department, such as English, or a faculty, made up of several subjects, such as modern foreign languages, science or technology.


Mr W Leonowicz wleonowicz@kts.school
Business Studies Miss N McGuigan nmcguigan@kts.school
Computing Mr J Pieterse jpieterse@kts.school
Drama Mrs J Spurling jspurling@kts.school
Economics Ms A Lawther alawther@kts.school
English Mrs K Weston kweston@kts.school
Geography Miss M Staines mstaines@kts.school
History and Politics Mrs C Robertson crobertson@kts.school
Mathematics Mr J Milne jmilne@kts.school
Media Studies Mrs R Pedder rpedder@kts.school
Modern Foreign Languages Mrs K Bonail kbonail@kts.school
French Mrs M Oget moget@kts.school
Music Mr J Dolby jdolby@kts.school 
Personal, Social and Health Education Mrs T Harper tharper@kts.school
Physical Education Mr M Bradley mbradley@kts.school 
Psychology Mrs J Draper jedraper@kts.school 
Philosophy, Religion and Ethics Mrs L Wells lwells@kts.school 
Science Mr J Grove jgrove@kts.school 
Biology Mr S Quinn squinn@kts.school 
Chemistry Mrs J Wallace jwallace@kts.school 
Physics Mrs L David ldavid@kts.school 
Sociology Mrs K Bradley kbradley@kts.school
Technology Mrs C Ellis cellis@kts.school
Product Design and Graphic Products Mr M Bull mbull@kts.school
Food Preparation and Nutrition Miss C Molinari


Form Tutors

Year 7

7 Bennett Mr S King stking@kts.school
7 Crellin Mr A Buck abuck@kts.school
7 Hancock Mr M Bradley mbradley@kts.school
7 Hine Miss C Molinari cmolinari@kts.school
7 Knights Miss T Reed treed@kts.school
7 Pembroke Miss L Cockburn lcockburn@kts.school
7 Templar Mr M Breadmore mbreadmore@kts.school

Year 8

8 Bennett Miss R Daw rdaw@kts.school
8 Crellin Miss N Wilson


8 Hancock Mr T Ward tward@kts.school
8 Hine Mr D Hopkins dhopkins@kts.school
8 Knights Mr P Kempster pkempster@kts.school
8 Pembroke Mrs K Sansom ksansom@kts.school
8 Templar

Mrs E Northcott

Miss D Carroll



Year 9

9 Bennett Mr B McDermott bmcdermott@kts.school
9 Crellin Ms L David ldavid@kts.school
9 Hancock

Mr M Bull

Mrs N Carlyle



9 Hine Mrs S Walton swalton@kts.school
9 Knights Mrs T Welch twelch@kts.school
9 Pembroke

Mrs S Heath-Whyte

Miss N McGuigan



9 Templar

Mrs D Marques

Miss C Watson



Year 10

10 Bennett

Miss M Johnston

Mrs T Harper



10 Crellin Mr S Smith spsmith@kts.school
10 Hancock Mr C Lowe


10 Hine Miss N Low nlow@kts.school
10 Knights

Miss E Smith

Mrs J Evans



10 Pembroke Mr J Dolby jdolby@kts.school
10 Templar Miss A Walston awalston@kts.school

Year 11

 11 Bennett

Mrs L Bannister

Mrs L Stevens



11 Crellin Mrs M Dineen mdineen@kts.school
11 Hancock Mrs J Borthwick jborthwick@kts.school
11 Hine Mr S Quinn squinn@kts.school
11 Knights Mr S Ahmed sahmed@kts.school
11 Pembroke

Miss J Moyes

Mrs J Wallace

11 Templar Miss S Brennan sbrennan@kts.school

 Year 12

 12JSG Mrs J Spurling jspurling@kts.school
12WLZ Mr W Leonowicz wleonowicz@kts.school
12RPR Mrs R Pedder
Dr E Thompson



12JPE Mr J Pieterse jpieterse@kts.school
12MSS Miss M Staines mstaines@kts.school
12MWW Dr M Woodrow mwoodrow@kts.school

Year 13

 13IAS Mr I Adams iadams@kts.school
13KBN Mrs K Brown kbrown@kts.school
13EHY Dr E Hadley ehadley@kts.school
13JHN Mrs J Harbon jharbon@kts.school
13HJN Mrs H Johnson hjohnson@kts.school
13LWS Mrs L Wells lwells@kts.school