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Certificate Collection

Certificate Collection 



Collecting Certificates from The Knights Templar School

All students who sat exams in the academic year 2021-22 are invited to collect their exam certificates during school hours by calling into reception. 

What to do if you can't call in to collect certificates

If you are unable to collect them personally, you can nominate a friend or parent to collect and sign for your certificates on your behalf.

They MUST either have a written note from you with them or be able to show a text message on their phone from you giving them permission.


Replacing Lost Certificates

The school has certificates dating back to the 1980s and records of results dating back to the 1960s. If you have forgotten your results or lost your certificates we can often help you, but please note that we do not hold any electronic examination records prior to 2004, so requests concerning results from before that time will often take quite some time to find. 

For any queries please email exams@kts.school providing your full name, date of birth, and the year you took your exams and we will then send back any relevant information we can find.

If you lose an examination certificate and need to replace it, exam boards have information on how to do this on their websites. In some cases they will provide a certifying statement rather than a certificate, but in either case a fee is payable to provide the replacement.

You may be asked to provide our centre number (17401) and your candidate number or unique candidate identifier (UCI). If you cannot remember these numbers, please email exams@kts.school providing your full name, date of birth and the year(s) you took your exams, and we will then send back any relevant information we still hold.

Which Exam Board Should I Contact?

Some exam boards no longer exist. The results from such exam boards are held by newer exam boards. Click here to find out which exam boards to contact if your exam board no longer exists.

The links below will take you to the appropriate web page of the four main Awarding Bodies used by The Knights Templar School:

AQA OCR Pearson/Edexcel WJEC/Eduqas