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COVID-19 Testing Consent

Before we complete another round of in-school Lateral Flow Device [LFD] testing, please see below for a reminder of how to check your child’s consent status and how the data we collect is used.

How we use data

Please refer to the Privacy Notice, FAQs documents and [for reference only] the updated Consent form, which can be found on the Noticeboard section of your child’s Edulink account.

Checking Consent status

As we have already collected your consent response prior to testing on previous occasions, there is no need to provide consent again. However, please do review the consent status of your child by going to the ‘More’, then ‘Update Information’ section of your Edulink account.

Make sure you select your child’s profile [on the left of the screen] as it automatically defaults to your details. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen, and the ‘Parental consent’ drop-down box will indicate your child’s consent status. [Covid Test:Parent shows that it is the parent who has provided consent, where your child is under 16. Covid Test:Student is where your child is 16 or over and has provided informed consent themselves].

If you wish to change the consent status, you may do so by selecting the appropriate box at this point. Although testing is voluntary, we strongly urge you to provide consent for the test, in order that we can identify and then break any chains of transmission. If you have any further queries, please feel free to contact Mr Milne, Assistant Headteacher, on jmilne@kts.school.