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BTEC Performing Arts

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 BTEC Performing Arts is a very successful subject.


The Drama Department is a thriving and creative community and we welcome you to consider the BTEC Performing Arts Qualification.  This course aims to strengthen the student’s acting and performing experience through developing improvisation skills and their ability to interpret scripts.  The Drama Department is proud to offer this inspiring and exciting course. 


During the course students will work as a theatre company on term long projects that will encourage students to become more confident performers through the rehearsal and practice of key acting skills.  Students will complete two mandatory units and three further units.


Students will be given opportunities to attend live performances in order to expand their understanding of theatre.  The Drama Department organises several theatre experiences for students – performances and workshops in school, as well as theatre trips. Please visit the Drama pages on the school website for further information.

Courses Offered

National Extended Certificate (equivalent of 1 A Level)

Edexcel/Pearson (BTEC Specification)

Syllabus Breakdown

Year 12: Unit 34: Developing Skills and Techniques for Performance

Learners focus on their own performance skill development in workshops, rehearsals and performances.

Year 12: Unit 18: Interpreting Classical text for Performance

Learners explore a range of classical text and rehearse one for performance.

Year 12: Unit 20: Developing the Voice for Performance

Learners will explore techniques and exercise for effective voice production and apply these in performance.


Year 13: Unit 3: Group Performance Workshop

Learners work in a group to create an original piece of theatre.

Year 13: Unit 19: Acting Styles

Learners specialise and focus more deeply on a range of theatrical styles for performance.

Minimum Entry Requirements

Good performance skills are essential for this course; in addition to our general Sixth Form entry requirements of five GCSEs at grade 4 or above, students will need to have gained a grade 4 in GCSE Drama (if taken) to be accepted onto the course. It is very important that students are committed to working in a group and enjoy working with others.  The assessment is mainly practical with some portfolio based reflection and research.

Why Study This Subject?

We believe that involvement in drama and theatre enables students to express themselves with more clarity and assurance.   Students are encouraged to be independent through their research and exploration of dramatic texts and stimuli and to be effective in their participation and co-operation in rehearsals and performances. 


This course is principally aimed at students who wish to focus on performing skills rather than theatre theory.   Those students who are looking to go to Drama School and acting as a career would benefit from this course.

Wider Opportunities

The Drama Department is one of the school’s most exciting departments. There are many opportunities for Sixth Form students to take the lead in our annual school productions, to participate in drama clubs with younger students, to be involved in Hertfordshire County Youth Theatre productions and some students even lead their own independent productions within the school.  In addition to this, Sixth Form students can opt into Drama for their Year 12 enrichment hour and gain a LAMDA qualification or be involved in a Theatre in Education creative writing project.  The possibilities for our senior students are endless. 


Students are taken on at least five theatre trips during the year, which directly link to their assessment by inspiring creative ideas.  These trips are always greatly rewarding experiences for students. In addition to this they participate in theatre workshops with professional actors and they can use the dedicated Sixth Form Drama Library and the extensive costume and prop department to support their studies.  iPads are also used to enhance learning in the classroom.

What Our Students Say:

"Since graduating I have continued to seek a career in theatre and am starting to make tracks along that path, which began during my time at KTS."

"It helped me develop my interest in theatre as I had the opportunity to experience live theatre that I may have missed out on otherwise."

"As a class we were ridiculously close by the end, and it was brilliant to work with them on productions."

"We were constantly encouraged to push our acting skills to the next level to create a terrifying impact on the audience.

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