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A-Level Statistics

A-Level Statistics

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Statistics is a very successful and popular subject at A level.

In 2015, we received a ‘Good Schools Award’ for the best performance by girls taking Statistics at an English comprehensive school. We have in the past received 3 other awards for Statistics from the Good Schools organisation.

A-Level Statistics is a fantastic choice for students who want to know the facts behind the figures and want to make sense of the world around us. Students will be provided with a wide range of techniques for understanding and analysing data, which are increasingly important skills in a world of constant change.

Courses Offered

A-Level Statistics (Edexcel)

​Syllabus Breakdown

Topics include:

  • Probability
  • Measures of location, dispersion and estimation
  • Correlation and regression
  • Sampling
  • Probability distributions and approximations
  • Hypothesis testing

Minimum Entry Requirements

In addition to our general Sixth Form entry requirements of five GCSEs at grade 4 or above, students will need to achieve a grade 5 at GCSE Mathematics and have sat the exam at Higher level.

Why Study Statistics?

Statistics appeals to students who want to study a numerate A-Level but don’t want to study Pure Maths and it can be a very useful support to subjects such as Psychology, Biology and Geography.

Wider Opportunities

You will have the opportunity to study a subject with real world applications. You can use your Statistics knowledge in other fields of study and learn techniques that also apply to other subjects, at A level and beyond.

​You will build practical and analytical skills that will help you in many different careers and you will have a numerate qualification that is invaluable in today’s world of data analysis.

What Our Students Say:

‘My Statistics teachers explain the syllabus really thoroughly and give us lots of support. Additionally they provide lots of revision sessions near to the exams as well as at the end of topics to ensure we learn the subject.’

 ‘Statistics is a very good subject to do as everything is explained so clearly and it is very useful in other subjects too such as Biology.’

 ‘Statistics is just so useful to me now I am at university doing Geography.’

What Can I Do Next?

A-Level Statistics is a good choice for students considering higher education in any Science, Social Science or Maths based course, Law or Management.

Career opportunities for students who study A-Level Statistics include: industry, management, healthcare, accountancy, finance, economics, insurance, medicine, law, social work, communications, veterinary science and engineering.