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A-Level Economics

A-Level Mathematics

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Students taking Economics at Advanced Level may not have taken the subject at GCSE level. We are happy for a Year 12 student with no previous knowledge of the subject to join the course, assuming that they have a keen interest in the Business environment and what is being reported in the media.

Economics students also have the opportunity to join in business competitions such as Young Enterprise which will add to the enjoyment and achievement of students at this level.  


We direct our efforts towards developing economists with critical, creative, and research aptitudes along with profound social commitment and capability to contribute to socioeconomic development.

Courses Offered

A Level Economics (AQA)

Syllabus Breakdown

Paper 1 – A Level
Markets and Market Failure (microeconomics)
Assessment mode:   Written examination with calculations, data response and essay questions – 2 hours


Paper 2 – A Level
The National and International Economy (macroeconomics)
Assessment mode:   Written examination with calculations, data response and essay questions – 2 hours


Paper 3 – A Level
Economics Principles and Issues
(covering all the subject content, micro and macro)
Assessment mode:   Multiple choice questions and written questions based on case study – 2 hours

Minimum Entry Requirements

It is not necessary to have taken GCSE Economics as the course assumes no prior knowledge, although for those who have taken it we ask for a grade 5, and for them, of course, the workload will be considerably lighter in the early stages. All students must meet our general Sixth Form entry requirements of five GCSEs at grade 4 or above.

Why Study This Subject?

Economics deals with how the world earns and spends its wealth. Anybody who wants to understand how modern societies work, or indeed, sometimes fail, should find the subject to be of great interest.  

Those who have studied History, Geography or Business Studies at GCSE will already have a good idea of how economics can affect us all. 

Wider Opportunities

Various guest speakers and external material used throughout the course, including The Economist.

What Our Students Say:

“I enjoyed Economics and it enhanced my other studies.  It gave me a ‘business like’ overview of how it impacts on countries and people.  It assisted me in making my university choice.”

What Can I Do Next?

This would be a valuable qualification for those going on to any of the wide variety of Business or Economics related degrees or HNDs that are available. It is also an academic qualification in its own right which will support applicants wishing to study in any subject area.  Students may well also find it to be a valuable addition to their CV if their career, at some stage, becomes involved with business of any kind – which could well be the case for most. 


Those wishing to pursue Economics at a higher level would also find A Level Mathematics highly advantageous.  Well qualified economists are highly sought after by Industry, the City and the Civil Service.  In addition, Economics is often an important part of many qualifications from professional bodies.